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Asset Management

Why Choose Us


The Montenegro Luxury Homes team is comprised of the brightest minds in the real estate sales, marketing and data research industries. Our mission is simply to sell your existing inventory in the most expedient manner for the highest possible price, OR to find your dream home for well below market value. We provide research analysts and asset managers in order to quickly and comprehensively determine the most effective channel to mitigate losses, manage expenses, and maximize revenue.

Timing is everything.

Selling real estate in difficult markets requires expert market knowledge, patience and the ability to bring qualified customers to your community. Even more difficult is selling real estate at the highest price possible in a distressed environment. That’s where Montenegro Luxury Homes excels by adopting innovative sales and marketing techniques combined with an unparalleled service representing the most exclusive properties in Montenegro.

We provide our clients with:

• Honest, strategic advice and direction based on current analytical market data and real-time expertise.
• A re-engineered sales process relative to today’s buyer mindset and the unique sensibilities of the specific market.
• Maximum ROI by utilizing cutting-edge, lead generation strategies based on fact.
• We have crafted a unique approach that capitalizes on the wealth of experience of our partners and also streamlines the sales cycle for maximum effectiveness.

Our exclusive and proven 5-step process includes:

1. Conducting thorough market and pricing analysis

We use the latest market research technologies when determining viability for a project’s sales direction. Our system weighs economy, target market, competitive market and consumer demand to determine the most desirable method to sell your property. This system also creates pinpoint accuracy on pricing to ensure that you are maximizing realistic market value.

2. Recommendations based on fact

Following market and data analysis, we consider a variety of other factors prior to providing a comprehensive recommendation based on the facts that affect the property.This recommendation details the parameters of when to sell, which sales method to employ and the pricing strategy that will most quickly and effectively liquidate the inventory at the greatest value.

3. Attracting qualifies Buyers

The Montenegro Luxury Homes team specializes in bringing qualified purchasers to Developments or Villas based on a system that we’ve perfected over the course of nearly a decade that has been reinvented for today.

4. Maximize sales conversion

We engage in a specialized process of lead management that maximizes our rate of conversion from tour to sale. Our sales protocols ensure that our buyers not only understand the unique value proposition of our communities, but also receive a level of service and a concierge-based selling approach during the sales process that anticipates their questions and alleviates their concerns.

5. Managing closing protocol

In this sales environment, the closing process is one of the most critical elements of a successful program and the one area most often overlooked.
Countless buyers are lost between the “contract” and “closing” phase of a real estate transaction. The Montenegro Luxury Homes team has decades of experience navigating the closing process and has perfected a system that manages the intricacies, details and deadlines needed to take a sales contract through to close.

With the strength of the Bankhurst Group and the Montenegro Luxury Homes Sales and Marketing team behind you, we turn your dream properties and investment strategies into reality. Timing is everything, dream big!