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Asset Management

Montenegro Luxury Homes

The Montenegro Luxury Homes team is comprised of the brightest minds in the real estate sales, marketing and data research industries. Our mission is simply to sell your existing inventory in the most expedient manner for the highest possible price, and provide asset managers with a way to quickly and comprehensively determine the most effective channel to mitigate loses, manage expenses and maximize revenue.

Timing is everything.

Selling real estate in difficult markets requires expert market knowledge, patience and the ability to bring qualified customers to your community. Even more difficult is selling real estate at the highest price possible in a distressed environment. That’s where The Bankhurst team excels by adopting innovative sales and marketing techniques combined with an unparalled service representing the most exclusive properties in Florida.

We provide our clients with:


We have crafted a unique approach that capitalizes on the wealth of experience of our partners and also streamlines the sales cycle for maximum effectiveness. This 5-step process includes:

With the strength of the Bankhurst Sales and Marketing team behind you, we turn your dream properties into reality. Timing is everything.