Peter Wagg

Peter Wagg

With over 40 years experience in the international marketing, advertising, media and music sectors, Peter Wagg leads The Bankhurst Group’s branding, creative content and design team.

Peter has a unique track record in effectively combining innovative creativity with commercially oriented business results, at such previous companies as Cirque du Soleil and DRAGONE, the producers of the record breaking Celine Dion show at Caesars Palace, which was seen by more than 3m people and grossed over $400,000,000 in ticket sales.

He was also responsible for the creation of Max Headroom, the multimedia icon who was recently featured on the front cover of People Magazine’s celebration of the 80’s, and who made his American debut on the front cover of Newsweek.

After starting his career in the advertising industry at such leading London agencies as Collett, Dickenson, Pearce and Cogent Elliot where he supervised accounts in the consumer durable, grocery, and wines and spirits markets, Peter was credited with the birth of the critically acclaimed “Max Headroom” character for the Chrysalis Records Group while Head of Creative Services.

From its initial debut on HBO/Cinemax and Channel 4 in the United Kingdom, under Peter’s leadership, “Max Headroom” became an international breakthrough multimedia icon, which, via television, music, merchandising, and principally Coca-Cola ad campaigns generated considerable ancillary revenue for the record label while winning many artistic awards.

As Head of Creative Services at Chrysalis Records, Peter worked extensively in Europe and the United States, embracing every aspect of advertising, marketing, promotion and merchandising, ranging from album sleeve design to the production and direction of over 200 music videos and long form programming for artists such as Blondie, Pat Benatar, Huey Lewis, Billy Idol, and Jethro Tull.

Following the success of Max, Peter delivered over 200 hours of network, cable and syndicated television as a Los Angeles-based show runner, creator, and producer at Universal, Amblin, Paramount, Warner Bros., Fox/FBC, CBS, NBC, ABC and Turner Broadcast (TBS).

Peter then moved to Cirque du Soleil in Montreal as Managing Director of Cirque du Soleil Images and a member of the Executive Committee. He founded the multimedia and audiovisual division, which in just five years turned a zero net operation into a multimillion dollar enterprise, by forming a global network of interlocking partners including BRAVO USA, CBC/SRC, Granada International, Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment, Sony, and BMG.

By increasing brand awareness, creating content, and exploiting intellectual copyrights, he further enhanced company earnings by driving value-added merchandising and sponsorship revenue streams.

While simultaneously expanding the scale and scope of the division, Peter was responsible for delivering the overall business plan for Cirque, which positioned the company as a brand-led, rather than a product/show-led organization. This strategy, established Cirque as a total entertainment entity.

Peter negotiated and launched the Cirque du Soleil Records label imprint and, as a hands-on producer, defined the audiovisual operation as both a business and creative provider of content, winning many awards in the process, including a Prime Time Emmy and being short-listed for an Academy Award.

Peter was then invited by Cirque’s artistic visionary, Franco Dragone, to be Head of the Commercial Division of his newly formed company in Belgium.

At DRAGONE, Peter was a member of the Executive Committee and responsible for all its commercial activities including marketing, publicity, promotions, audiovisual, multimedia, sponsorship, publishing, retail, music, and new business development. His first two productions included the record breaking Celine Dion show A New Day at Caesars Palace and Le Rêve at Wynn Las Vegas.

Peter was an integral member of both marketing teams for the launch and ongoing campaigns and created/produced all the audiovisual components.

He also led DRAGONE Productions, USA, based in Las Vegas, and was the architect of the company’s overall business plan.

Prior to joining The Bankhurst Group, Peter was Senior Vice President of Marketing & Entertainment at Eighth Wonder International, a company that develops premier entertainment and integrated leisure, hospitality and “lifestyle” resorts.

During his tenure, Peter was instrumental in the packaging, branding, and content of major projects in Las Vegas, Dubai, Singapore, South Korea, Poland, Hungary and Kazakhstan. In addition, he spent six months in Hong Kong leading the marketing team in the launch of the Crown Macau property.

Peter has over 50 international creative awards, and is a member of the American Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and the Writers Guild of America.

When not dreaming of new ideas for the company’s brand and creative content, Peter is obsessively trying to make up for 57-years of not playing golf, following soccer in the Premier League, listening to music from his collection of over 1500 CD’s and vinyl [think Nick Hornby’s “High Fidelity”] or playing the drums.

Peter Playing Golf