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DreamPlay Capital is an internationally recognized distressed debt and securities specialist. We offer investors the unique ability to invest in our funds and take advantage of the current economic climate. The acquisition of distressed securities and due diligence required to maximize the investment is our forte. We capitalize on the expertise and experience of our fund managers to offer creditors of a distressed company the attributes they are clearly lacking, and by discovering the finest investment opportunities strike quickly to creatively maximize the return on investment.

DreamPlay Capital

When the herd turns left, we turn right.

In difficult times nervous investors tend to adopt a siege mentality, bunker down, and follow the herd. At Dreamplay Capital we chose to be the black sheep in the flock, follow our own instincts, and believe a company on the verge of, or in, Chapter 11 bankruptcy or forclosure presents many opportunities for the sophisticated investor.

Typically, we invest no more that 25% of our funds under management in a single investment. Diversification is critical to our strategy and our ability to mitigate your risk and maximize your profit is our number one concern.

We thoroughly analyze and evaluate the reasons behind the distressed securities, the capabilities of management, management’s plan for emerging from Chapter 11, the company’s financial history, and the likelihood of achieving a comprehensive resolution with all stakeholders, prior to making an investment.

We design a unique and custom investment plan for each individual investor with a multi-strategy, diverse approach to provide opportunistic advantages intended to maximize returns.

A sample of our multi strategy approach involves:

We would suggest that being the shepherd is infinitely more preferable and profitable than being a sheep.